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February meeting

By | 16/02/2021

We have no speaker for this evening, but join us for a chat about Linux, tech related discussions and maybe a drink. Two things I would be interested in a bit of a chat are snap package manager and PiHole. Joining details on the mailing list.

December meeting Tuesday 15th.

By | 12/12/2020

This Tuesday Aaron Sloman honorary professor of artificial intelligence and cognitive science at the University of Birmingham will be giving a talk. The title of his talk is: How did biological evolution produce brains able to make discoveries in geometry and topology that cannot be explained by known brain mechanisms, and are not replicated in… Read More »

July 2020 Meeting

By | 25/07/2020

Another virtual meeting.  Damon Edwards from Rundeck talked about Rundeck. Rundeck is software that helps manage system operations without requiring escalation to subject matter experts for every situation.  Rundeck maintains the knowledge required to perform an action, which allows routine tasks to be handled by people without some of the expert knowledge.  The software… Read More »