Mailing List

The mailing list is the best way to keep in touch with the doings of the LUG.

Go To Birmingham MailMan mailing list

The SBLUG Mailing list is managed by MailMan. Use the Birmingham LUG MailMan homepage to subscribe, unsubscribe, view the list archive and change your list options.

If you subscribe to our mailing list then you will be kept informed of developments in the LUG. Please be aware that this is a discussion list, so you will periodically receive copies of questions and answers on various Linux topics from other members of the mailing list. All messages passed via the mailing list automatically have [SBLUG] added to the subject line to identify them as being from the mailing list. You will also be able to post messages to the list yourself, ask questions etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must subscribe to the list before posting to it. All messages from people who don’t subscribe will be rejected. This is done to (a) stop spam and (b) stop people from getting into the habit of posting from unsubscribed addresses because this creates a lot of work for the list administrator. There will be no exceptions to this rule!

Once you’ve subscribed, you can send messages to the mailing list using You must send messages to the list from the address with which you subscribed. If you use an alias on your email address, make sure you subscribe with the address as it would appear in your outgoing messages. Only post to the list from the email address you subscribe with. If you have a forwarding arrangement and intend to post from a separate address, please subscribe this address to the list as well and use the ‘no mail’ option to avoid getting two copies of list messages.

Messages from unsubscribed addresses will be rejected (to stop spam), however valued the message might be and even if it comes from somebody known to the list administrator. There is not much point in allowing them through anyway, members usually reply to messages ‘on list’ and as such you would never see the answer to your query if the original post came from an address which wasn’t subscribed.

A few netiquette points

  1. Only use plain text format for messages. HTML messages are bigger, will confuse the mailing list server sign-up process and have a tendency to get blocked by our spam filter.
  2. Do not send large attachments to the list. (We have a maximum email size of 30k to avoid filling up people’s email boxes.) If you want to make a file available, upload it to a publicly accessible website/ftp server and email the link.
  3. Please be nice to people ! We have our disagreements, but please don’t let them get personal.

A note on bounced messages

Mailman has functions for automatically detecting and removing email addresses from the list which persistently bounce messages sent to them, so if your email address bounces persistently (eg full mail box, ISP problems), you may find yourself being removed from the list. Your more than welcome to resubscribe if this happens once the problems are solved. For obvious reasons, it isn’t possible to notify people when this happens.

Majordomo lovers…

If your a lover of the email management interface used by majordomo-style list servers, never fear. MailMan has a similar interface, which can be accessed via Just send the command ‘help’ to this address for a list of commands.

Note on Javascript & email addresses : The email addresses on this page have been deliberately mangled using javascript to defeat email scanners used by spammers, so you’ll probably find they’re all missing if you don’t have javascript support.