Meeting: 16th October 2018

By | 25/09/2018

For the October 2018 meeting, Heather Lomond from the Shropshire LUG has agreed to come and give a talk on the groups High Altitude Balloon project.

There are 4 sections to the project: the payload which is a RPI running some custom C code with a whole bunch of sensors, an FSK transmitter and a LoRa transceiver; a mobile tracking station (for tracking on foot) which has a RPI running Raspbian, VNC to a tablet, Wifi to an adroid phone, a whole chunk of custom GDK GUI code, a couple of sensors and a LoRA module; a laptop for tracking mobile in the car running FSK decoding and reporting software and finally a custom ESP/Wifi Gateway module that can be deployed at the last known location and relays the payload’s transmitted LoRA data back to the ground via a Web Server.

The talk will be at our normal venue, The Bull on Price Street (see the Meetings page for directions).